Recyclage de métaux, acier et ferrailles

Non-ferrous metal price list

Non-ferrous metal pricing such as aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel, lead.

All our prices are per pound except for car batteries that weigh 38 pounds and have a unit cost.

Photo Product Description Price Unit
ACSR 0.12 lb
Aluminium - extrusion Aluminium - extrusion Aluminum 6063 et 6061 (exemple: clean doors and windows frames without glass or screws, etc.) *ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE FOR CONTAMINATIONS. 1.00 lb
Aluminium - ferrous Aluminium - ferrous 0.12 lb
Aluminium - low cop 0.65 lb
Aluminium - mixed (mix) Aluminium - mixed (mix) Utensils, doors and windows frames (without glass) and miscellaneous clean aluminum products. 0.60 lb
Aluminium - casting Aluminium - casting Molded aluminium like clean BBq, clean motor head with no steel attachments, etc.). 0.60 lb
Aluminium - siding Aluminium - siding 0.62 lb
Aluminium - Tgs 0.20 lb
Standard car battery Standard car battery 0.13 lb
Batteries Batteries 0.16 lb
Brass faucet Brass faucet 0.60 lb
Yellow brass 2.60 lb
Bx Bx 1.25 lb
compressor compressor no halo 0.12 lb
Copper #1 Copper #1 Unsoldered, uncoated, unalloyed copper wire and free of all connectors and dirt. Must be larger than #16 B&S wire gauge. 4.70 lb
Copper #2 Copper #2 Thin gauge uncoated wire, copper pipes and tubing with no brass or steel attachments, and other miscellaneous clean copper. 4.50 lb
Insulated copper wire #1 Insulated copper wire #1 1.40 à 1.70 lb
Insulated copper wire #2 Insulated copper wire #2 1.15 lb
Fil de téléphone 1.25 lb
Fil isolé low grade 0.30 lb
Moteur électrique 0.15 lb
Pesée de roue 0.16 lb
Lead Lead 0.50 lb
Aluminium copper radiator Aluminium copper radiator 1.40 lb
Aluminium - wheel Aluminium - wheel 0.85 lb
Aluminium wheel with valve and lead Aluminium wheel with valve and lead 0.70 lb
S.S. 304 S.S. 304 0.50 lb
Teck 0.40 a 0.90 lb

Please note that rates are subject to change without notice.

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