Recyclage de métaux, acier et ferrailles

Ferrous metal price list

Ferrous metal pricing such as iron, steel, cast iron, automobiles and other vehicles.

Photo Product Description Price Unit
#1 O/S Cutting torch #1 O/S Cutting torch Ex: Tank of 2000 liters or more or very thick steel 130.00 MT
Steel #1 Steel #1 Steel #1: measuring 5’x18’’ (maximum) by ¼” thickness (minimum). 190.00 MT
Steel #1 O/S Steel #1 O/S O/S Steel #1: measuring more than 5’x18’’ by ¼” thickness (minimum). 170.00 MT
Mixed Steel: Mixt, sheet metal and #2hms Mixed Steel: Mixt, sheet metal and #2hms Household appliances, wrought iron, sheet and miscellaneous steel less than ¼" thick. 170.00 MT
Vehicules Vehicules Cars and trucks witg registration paper (ogligatory) 190.00 MT
Bushelling #1 and #2 Bushelling #1 and #2 New unsoldered machine clippings or cut-offs. 190.00 MT
car carcass car carcass Without motor 130.00 MT
Frost fence , steel cable Frost fence , steel cable 30.00 MT
Cast iron #1 Cast iron #1 Prepared machinery cast with no steel attachments 170.00 MT
Cast iron #2 Cast iron #2 Cast iron bathtubs, cast iron radiators, cast iron pipes, etc. 170.00 MT
Fonte incassable Fonte incassable Plus de 12" d'épaisseur. EX: pesée grue 47.00 MT
Cast iron rotor et drum Cast iron rotor et drum 215.00 MT
Moteur électrique 440 MT
Turnings Turnings 125.00 MT

Please note that rates are subject to change without notice.

1 metric tons MT = 2,204 lbs.

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